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These sound like cookies B. Dylan Hollis would gross about while making and then swoon over when they're done. I have to imagine the kind of mayonnaise you use changes the flavor profile. I'm not a picky eater but the only store bought mayo I find palatable is Helmann's. I learned this the hard way during what will forever be known in my memory as the great Cane Gate during the pandemic when I was trying to create some family favorites for my first pandemic birthday. I may have to rotate a batch of these in as a break from my annual shortbread marathon.

Also, I'm so glad to hear you say you can't double the recipe! It makes no intuitive sense but there are some recipes that just don't work doubled. I tried to make a triple batch of my mom's apricot squares during the pandemic--we all love them and she couldn't make them--and they were so terrible I haven't had the hard to try them again.

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